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Opeyemi Stella Ademowo

My Research - Predicting Treatment Outcomes in Inflammatory Arthritis Patients

Conway PhD student, Stella AdemowoInflammatory arthritis is associated with autoimmunity. It is characterised by autoantibodies in the systemic fluid and tissues. Examples include rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and psoriatic arthritis (PsA). TNF-α, a key cytokine that drives the inflammatory and destructive processes of these diseases is a common target for therapeutic intervention and some of the most effective recent treatments include ‘biologicals’ to target these pathways. However, not all patients respond to TNF-α inhibitors and those who do respond show diverse degrees of response. Treating patients with potentially ineffective biologicals is both time consuming, expensive and carries a number of unwanted side-effects.

The aim of my project is to investigate and compare protein expression in the synovium (joint tissue) of PsA patients before treatment who subsequently respond to anti-TNF-α drugs with those who do not respond to administration of adalimumab (a monoclonal antibody against TNF-α). This may establish candidate protein biomarkers that could be used to predict response to treatment. The key hypothesis is that prior to treatment there is a difference in the protein profile of PsA patients that responded to anti-TNF-α drugs compared with poor responders.

Working with:

Professor Stephen Pennington and Professor Oliver Fitzgerald


Ondo, Nigeria

A scientist because?

I love innovation, discovery and knowledge acquired through science.

Why choose UCD Conway?

UCD Conway is a multidisciplinary centre that is well equipped with state of the art facilities. I am inspired by the innovation technologies and translational research going on in the institute.

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