CNWY40180 Introduction to Core Research Skills

About the course

An introduction for graduate students beginning a laboratory-based research programme, covering core skills that can be directly applied to studies.

Credits ECTS 2.5

Dates  07 & 14 November 2019

Module co-ordinator   Professor Matthias Wilm

Registration OPEN Deadline: 31 October 2019

Places available 30 (approx)

Course structure

The module comprises 15 hours of workshop & seminar-style sessions designed to encourage interaction and discussion between lecturers and students

Credit requirements

Students are required to successfully carry out a series of exercises relevant to their own projects during the first year of their PhD programme, arising out of the techniques and skills imparted during the module sessions.

What does it cover?

  • Essential practices for effective and efficient laboratory-based research
  • Familiarisation with bibliographic and Internet tools
  • Health and safety
  • Ethics in biomedical research

Why enrol?

These skills can be applied directly to laboratory based graduate programmes and are transferable to further graduate research, training or employment. They will equip you with essentials tools for a successful career in a knowledge economy.

Next steps