CNWY50050 Drug Development & Delivery

About the course

Material for this module was developed in conjunction with Clinical Research Development Ireland. It includes an introductory overview of the concepts involved in the traditional drug discovery and development process in the pharmaceutical industry and why the model is under pressure to deliver medicines cost-effectively. Selected case study examples of both small molecule and biotech molecule development from discovery to market are provided by experts in academia & industry. The final part is a review of what these discoveries teach in terms of informing about the process. 

Credits ECTS 2.5

Dates Semester 2 with April workshop date TBC: Semester 3 2018/2019  

Schedule Online content (11 hours), face-to-face workshop (2 hour), additional reading materials (10 hours) 

Course co-ordinator Professor David Brayden & Dr Siobhan McClean

Registration Now registering. Email module registration form to: Elaine Quinn 

Course structure

This module is delivered using a series of online and additional reading material as well as a group workshop at the end of the semester. 

Credit requirements

  • MCQ, attendance at workshop and completion of essay assignment

On completion, you will:

  • Understand the drug development process following initial molecule discovery
  • Be able to describe the different manufacturing issues for small molecules and biologics
  • Argue as to why the days of blockbusters are over and that drugs for cohorts of patients is the future
  • Understand each phase of clinical development and causes of attrition
  • Be able to discuss how academics can contributing to major drug discoveries