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CLASS: Professor Jakob Nilsson, University of Copenhagen

Date: 17 May 2018

Venue: C006 Health Sciences Centre

Time: 12pm

*NB: Change of venue

Speaker: Professor Jakob Nilsson, The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research, University of Copenhagen

Title: ‘Regulation of signal transduction by protein phosphatase 2A’ 

Abstract: Protein phosphatases are major regulators of cellular signaling by counteracting the activity of kinases. How protein phosphatases selects their substrates and dephosphorylate specific sites within these is still unclear. I will present our recent progress in understanding how protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) selects its substrates and ambition to get a system-wide understanding of PP2A regulated signaling. PP2A assembles into a number of trimeric holoenzymes that each has a distinct regulatory subunit conferring substrate specificity. We recently identified a conserved binding motif for PP2A in complex with B56 regulatory subunits and have found that this binding motif controls various processes spanning cell division to Ebola infection (1,2). Furthermore an inherent property of PP2A is that it dephosphorylates phospho-threonine much faster than phospho-serine and I will discuss how this is important for coordination of mitotic events (3).

1) Hertz EPT et al, A Conserved motif provides binding specificity to the PP2A-B56 phosphatase. Molecular Cell (2016)
2) Kruse T et al, The Ebola virus nucleoprotein recruits the host PP2A-B56 phosphatase to activate transcriptional support activity of VP30. Molecular Cell (2018)
3) Hein JB et al, Distinct kinetics of serine and threonine dephosphorylation are essential for mitosis. Nature Cell Biology (2017)

Refreshments available outside the lecture theatre from 11.40pm

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