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CLASS - Prof. Jane Clarke, Cambridge, UK

Date: 01 March 2011

Venue: UCD Conway Institute lecture theatre

Time: 11:30am

Speaker: Professor Jane Clarke, Department of Chemistry, Cambridge University, UK

Title: “Exploring Protein Folding Landscapes”

Theme: Protein Science 

Keywords: Protein folding, protein misfolding, AFM, protein engineering, chemical biology, computational biology

Prof. Clarke is a world leader in the area of mechanisms of protein-folding and protein-misfolding. She is a Professor of Molecular Biophysics at the Department of Chemistry (University of Cambridge, UK) and a Professorial Fellow in Chemical Biology at Trinity College, Cambridge. Prof. Clarke is a multiple recipient of highly prestigious Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellowship awards and was awarded the US Genomics Award for Outstanding Investigator in the Field of Single Molecule Biology in 2010.

Relevant publications
“Experimental evidence for a frustrated energy landscape in a three-helix-bundle protein family” (2010) Beth G. Wensley, Sarah Batey, Fleur A. C. Bone, Zheng Ming Chan, Nuala R. Tumelty, Annette Steward, Lee Gyan Kwa, Alessandro Borgia & Jane Clarke  Nature 463 685-689

“Non- native interactions are critical for mechanical strength in PKD domains” (2009) Forman, J.R., Yew, Z.T., Qamar, S., Sandford, R.N., Paci, E. and Clarke, J. Structure 17, 1582– 1590

“The importance of sequence diversity in the aggregation and evolution of proteins” (2005) Caroline F. Wright, Sarah A. Teichmann, Jane Clarke & Christopher M. Dobson Nature 438, 878 - 881

All welcome! Associate sponsor of 2010/11 CLASS is Servier Laboratories Ireland Ltd.

Refreshments available from 11:10am