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Cancer laboratory tours: See research in action

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This event is for anybody with an interest in cancer research - patients, survivors, carers and families - to visit our research laboratories and hear from our teams of scientists about the work they are doing. Laboratory tours will run at the 3 designated times and participants can select 3 tours. Time slots for tours are as follows: 10.15am; 10.45am; 11.15am. Participants will be allocated time slots for the tours upon arrival. 

Laboratory Tours:

Tour 1: "From cells to proteins; from proteins to networks: how do we find out how the cell communicates with the world and how communication is broken in cancer cells?" - Dr. David Gomez

Tour 2:"Finding new treatments and biomarkers for breast and prostate cancer" – Dr. Maria Prencipe

Tour 3:“Developing and delivering new advanced protein biomarker tests for personalised and precision oncology" - Professor Stephen R Pennington

Tour 4:"Controlling the Spread of Cancer” - Associate Professor Margaret McGee

Tour 5:"Prostate cancer a 3-pronged approach: Prevention, Detection and Monitoring" - Associate Professor Antoinette Perry

Tour 6:"Tumour Cell Tweeting, communication between cancer cells using nanoparticles" - Associate Professor Amanda McCann

Tour 7:"Finding new therapeutic targets for malignant melanoma” — explore how we use a combination of cell biology and computer simulations to tackle skin cancer - Dr. Jens Rauch

Tour 8:“Biomarkers and risk calculators to predict the need for a biopsy in the diagnosis of Prostate Cancer – Multidisciplinary approach” - Professor William Watson

Opening of the UCD Centre in Translational Oncology 

Patricipants taking part in these laboratory tours are also welcome to attend the public lecture by Mrs. Margaret Grayson and Prof Michaela Higgins on the topic of "My Genome" prior to the official opening of the UCD Centre in Translational Oncology in the Moore Auditorium, O'Brien Centre for Science.

Time: 12.10pm