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The biochemistry undergraduate programme at University College Dublin is delivered through the School of Biomecular & Biomedical Science, which is located in UCD Conway Institute of Biomolecular & Biomedical Research. In addition to performing high-quality research, staff deliver a successful and challenging undergraduate programme that attracts high levels of undergraduate science students. Courses are available in all major areas of biochemistry. Biochemistry graduates typically pursue careers in pharmaceutical and life-sciences research in both industry and academia.

Biochemistry aims to understand the structure and function of all living things at the molecular level. It provides an understanding of

  • how living things are constructed
  • what they contain
  • how they function and communicate
  • how they use food to obtain the building blocks and energy for growth
  • how genetic information is stored, expressed and passed on to the next generation
  • how enzymes catalyse reactions and
  • how the cell's chemistry is co-ordinated and controlled.
  • Any aspect of living tissue that can be studied in terms of chemical and physical principles is a subject for biochemical investigation.

Further information on the department and academic staff can be found here.