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News Archive 2011

21 December 2011 - New insights into nanoparticles and dividing cells
Tracking the progress of nanoparticles as cells divide will help us better understand how different tissues in the body process a dose of nanoparticles.

13 December 2011 - Babies born with no eyes: scientists identify gene responsible
UCD scientists have identified the genetic impairment which causes a child to be born with no eyes.

13 December 2011 - Personalising the use of chemotherapy in breast cancer treatment
UCD researchers have identified a novel biomarker that can identify those women with breast cancer who will have a poor response to tamoxifen.

12 December 2011 - Creating the Tree of Life
An international collaboration including Conway Fellow, Dr Emma Teeling has created a phylogenetic framework using large genetic datasets to better understand the evolutionary history of mammalian families.

12 December 2011 - Improving Psoriasis with GLP-1 Analogue Therapy
UCD researchers led by Conway Fellow, Professor Donal O’Shea have reported an improvement in the severity of psoriasis in patients following glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) analogue therapy

21 November 2011 - Illuminating cross talk between signalling factors
UCD Conway researchers using mathematical modelling and a 'green' experimental technique have shown synergies between signalling factors in hypoxia and inflammation.

15 November 2011 - Predicting Cellular Response to Paclitaxel in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer
New research findings may help clinicians predict how patients with high grade, serous, epithelial ovarian cancer will respond to paclitaxel chemotherapy (Taxol®).

08 November 2011 - Latest issue of Conway Focus available
Highlighting the research and innovation achievements of Conway researchers in the last three months.

01 November 2011 - Clustal Omega: The ultimate alignment programme?
UCD researchers led by Professor Des Higgins have published details of a new multiple alignment programme in the journal, Molecular Systems Biology.

01 November 2011 - Going to extremes to find greener chemicals
Conway Fellow, Dr Francesca Paradisi was interviewed by freelance journalist Dr Claire O’Connell about her recently published 'extremophile' research.

20 September 2011 - 2011 UCD Conway Festival medal win for neurotherapeutic research
The 2011 UCD Conway Festival of Research & Innovation gold medal, sponsored by Roche was awarded to Dr Mark Pickering for his neurotherapeutic research on Thursday, September 15th.

16 September 2011 - Conway Fellows receive SFI Research Frontiers Programme funding
Conway Fellows, Dr Francesca Paradisi and Dr Margaret McGee receive 2011 Reseach Frontiers Programme funding from Science Foundation Ireland.

28 July 2011 - Tracing ancestral lineages using DNA
Professor Brendan Loftus talks about sequencing the first entire genome of an Irish person on a BBC Radio 4 documentary.

29 July 2011 - Regulating nuclear signalling in cancer
New research findings from an international group involving Conway Fellow, Professor Johan Ericsson describe a novel signalling pathway that seems to be restricted to tumour cells.

18 July 2011 - Conway Fellow receives NovaUCD 2011 Innovation Award
Conway Fellow, Professor William Gallagher has received the NovaUCD 2011 Innovation Award in recognition of his ongoing successes in the commercialisation of intellectual property arising from UCD research programmes.

17 July 2011 - Proteomics Mass Spectrometry Research Grant competition winner
Professor Stephen Pennington announced as joint winner of the Integromics 'Proteomics Mass Spectrometry Research Grant' competition.

30 June 2011 - Summer 2011 issue of Conway Focus
The latest edition of the Conway Focus newsletter is now available and highlights research and innovation achievements from the past three months.

21 June 2011 - Five Conway Fellows receive SFI Principal Investigator awards
A total of forty four research projects will receive funding of €44 million through the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation via Science Foundation Ireland’s (SFI) ‘Principal Investigator’ (PI) programme.

16 June 2011 - New avenue to tackle CJD and Alzheimer's disease
Two antibodies that could help block the onset of Alzheimer's disease in the brain have been identified in a collaborative research project.

16 June 2011 - New prostate cancer biomarkers move closer to clinical use
A HRB-SFI translational research award to Professor William Watson may bring new prostate cancer biomarkers closer to clinical use

08 June 2011 - Conway Fellow elected to the Royal Irish Academy
Professor Catherine Godson is elected to the Royal Irish Academy in recognition of outstanding achievements in education and research.

15 April 2011 - New EU Funding Award for Glycomics and Cancer Diagnosis Project
A large research consortium that includes Professor Pauline Rudd has been awarded €3 million through EU FP7 to investigate glycomics by high throughput integrated technologies.

08 June 2011 - 2011 ISAC Scholar award
Dr Alfonso Blanco is named as a 2011 ISAC Scholar by the International Societry for Advancement of Cytometry.

28 March 2011 - Worm research defines the role of multiple disease genes in cilia
New research published in the Journal of Cell Biology outlines how cilia disease gene products regulate important aspects of early cilium formation and the integrity of the ciliary transport gate.

21 March 2011 - Regulating the infective phase of Legionella bacterial lifecycle
New research by UCD researchers led by Conway Fellow, Brendan Loftus gives an insight into the infective cycle of the bacteria responsible for Legionnaires disease and Pontiac fever.

23 March 2011 - Helping Japanese scientists in quake aftermath
Professor Suzi Jarvis and her team launch initiative to support Japanese scientists in their research during very difficult times.

10 March 2011 - Improving our health with anti-inflammatory nutrient supplement
Funding award to Prof. Helen Roche to study the benefit of anti-inflammatory nutrients in the diet of young adults.

03 March 2011 - March issue of Conway Focus now available
The March 2011 issue of Conway Focus highlights the latest research and innovation achievements of our scientists.

03 March 2011 - Cigarette smoke impairs ability to fight disease
UCD researchers show that cigarette smoke has a specific effect on innate immune cells.

14 February 2011 - First Wellcome Trust funding for Irish PhD programme
For the first time in its history, the Wellcome Trust has announced funding for an Irish based PhD programme.

07 February 2011 - New study visualises how HPV attacks human proteins
An international study involving Conway Fellow Dr Neil Ferguson has described how the human papillomavirus (HPV) interferes with programmed cell death.

02 February 2011 - New 3-D visual of intestinal growth promoting peptide
UCD Conway researchers have determined the 3-dimensional solution structure of glucagon-like peptide-2 (GLP-2) for the first time using nuclear magnetic resonance and molecular modelling.

02 February 2011 - Conway PhD student wins Waters prize
Brian Morrissey, PhD student with Professor Stephen Pennington received first prize in the Waters postgraduate symposium competition.

20 January 2011 - Investigating pancreatic beta-cell function in type 2 diabetes
New research findings point to the protection of pancreatic cell function and survival in type 2 diabetes mellitus

20 January 2011 - President of Ireland Young Researcher Award for Dr Neil Ferguson
Conway Fellow recognised for research into human hepatitis B virus biology

12 January 2011 - Conway Fellow tops citation index
An article by Professor Des Higgins is the most cited article in the field of molecular genetics & genomics since 1997.

12 January 2011 - Conway PhD student wins IT photo competition
PhD student with the Kennedy group, Lisa Shine scoops Irish Times image competition on the theme of 'Bang'.

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