Cell Sorting

Cell sorting allows the physical isolation of cell populations for further procedures such as cell culture and studies of protein expression.


BD FACSAria III Cell Sorter
This high-speed cell sorter (40,000 events/second) has 4 lasers: 488nm (blue), 561nm (green), 633nm (red) and 407nm (violet) for detection of FSC, SSC and up to 10 fluorescent parameters. It is able to sort 4 populations of cells at the same time and perform single cell cloning in well plate platforms with a 100% purity level and 95% viability.

Expertise & Services

The flow cytometry facility provides a range of services including instrumentation, workstations, training, software for analyses as well as technical expertise and advice. Trained users prepare and run their own samples. Untrained users may avail of the sample running service and results analyses.

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