Histological Sample Preparation

All aspects of tissue histology from processing of formalin fixed tissue, paraffin embedding and sectioning to automated staining and automated coverslipping of stained slides can be facilitated. These slides can be converted to digital images and analysed either using the Aperio slide scanner or using light or electron microscopy.


  • Tissue Tek VIV E 300processor
  • Leica EG1150H
  • Several microtomes
  • Automatic stainer Leica XL
  • Automatic coverslipper LeicaCV5030
  • Labvision pre-treatment (PT) module
  • Multiheaded microscope

Expertise & Services:

  • Processing, paraffin embedding, sectioning and production of slides for staining
  • Routine Haematoxylin and Eosin (H&E) staining with facilities to programme for special stains
  • Automated coverslipping
  • Training in all aspects listed above

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