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Protein Separations Laboratory

The Protein Separations Laboratory (PSL) is a facility dedicated to electrophoretic gel separation of proteins prior to their identification by downstream mass spectrometric analysis, with particular expertise in the running and subsequent analysis of large format 2D-DIGE gels.


Full equipment for protein separation by 2-D gel electrophoresis (2-DE) including

• IPGphorII and IPGphor3
• Ettan Dalt 6 and 12
• BioRad Protean Plus Dodeca cell

Imagers (both visible and fluorescent)

• Typhoon 9410 variable mode imager (for 2D-DIGE)
• BioRad GS800

Image analysis software

• Progenesis SameSpots v4
• DeCyder v6

Expertise & Services

The Protein Separations Laboratory provides expertise and full training in two dimensional gel electrophoresis  (2D-E)

• Advice on experimental design for 2D-DIGE
• Sample preparation for 2-DE and 2D-DIGE (including fluorescent labelling for DIGE)
• Full training in all aspects of running 2-DE (both mini and large formats)
• Training on Typhoon variable imager
• Training on image analysis software and interpretation of results


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