Digital Pathology

This facility provides a slide scanning system that allows users to digitise microscopy slides, review and manage the images locally or remotely via the internet. The Aperio ScanScope XT system can scan entire glass slides at 20x or 40x magnification to create seamless, true-colour digital slide images in minutes. With capacity for 120 slides, the system is suitable for full-face or tissue microarray slides. The main advantages of this type of image analysis is the inherent objectivity and the facility to perform batch analysis. 


  • ScanScope XT high throughput scanning system (Aperio Technologies)
  • ImageScope image viewer with annotation and region extraction tools
  • Spectrum, online slide management system with remote access
  • Tissue microarray segmentation tool, TMALab
  • Analysis toolbox for cell and area quantification of staining and intensity 
  • Server network for secure storage and hosting of digital slides

About Spectrum

The Spectrum platform provides a comprehensive slide management system where digital slides can be organised by sample, project or experiment. The slide viewer, ImageScope, is fully equipped with annotation and region extraction tools for highlighting and analysing features of interest within an image. Spectrum is also equipped with a tissue microarray (TMA) segmentation tool enabling identification and analysis of individual TMA cores. Spectrum’s comprehensive image analysis algorithm library provides automated whole slide or region analysis capabilities. Slide analysis is objective without potential errors associated with manual scoring and analysis. All data is saved securely in your Spectrum account, which can be accessed anywhere.


The digital pathology facility provides a range of technical services and expertise in this area which include:

  • Advice on project design and specific requirements
  • Training courses on slide scanning and digital slide analysis 
  • Assisted sessions on any aspect of digital pathology
  • Slide scanning service
  • Results analysis

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