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Research Areas

Our research focus 

At UCD Conway, our vision is to design new approaches to disease prevention and therapy based on a thorough understanding of the biological molecular mechanisms that cause disease. Our key research areas are: 

  1. Cancer 
  2. Diabetes & Vascular Biology 
  3. Infection, Inflammation & Repair 
  4. Neuroscience
  5. Systems Biology
  6. Translational Medicine  

Interdisciplinary research 

From its inception, UCD Conway Institute was envisioned as a place where researchers from disparate disciplines would work together to explore the connections across traditional boundaries with a shared vision; to reveal exciting, novel discoveries that shape new understandings in science. Our membership comprises biomedical researchers, chemists, physicists, engineers, computation scientists and clinicians dedicated to innovative interactions. Such interdisciplinarity fosters the ability of researchers to see beyond the normal constraints of their own fields. Together, our researchers are creating fundamental new concepts that are driving new knowledge.

More about our partners

  • Centre for Synthesis & Chemical Biology is a collaboration in the chemical sciences between University College Dublin, Trinity College Dublin and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
  • Systems Biology Ireland is a Science Foundation Ireland-funded Centre for Science, Engineering & Technology (CSET) established in UCD Conway and led by University College Dublin in collaboration with researchers in NUI Galway. 
  • Molecular Medicine Ireland is a collaboration in molecular medicine across the National University of Ireland Galway, the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Trinity College Dublin, University College Cork and University College Dublin.
  • DAMC Clinical Research Centre 
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