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Systems hero.

Systems Biology

Systems biology research at the Institute spans wet laboratory and theoretical research, including those with a broader high-throughput biology interest as well as more systems oriented approaches. A large part of the activities is carried out by Systems Biology Ireland (SBI), a Science Foundation Ireland funded Centre for Science, Engineering and Technology (CSET), led by Professors Walter Kolch and Boris Kholodenko. Other researchers allied to this group have either a systems interest or a broader high-throughput biology interest, which over time is migrating, or may in future migrate, from a gene/protein centred approach towards a more systems oriented approach.

Research Focus

Systems Biology Ireland 
SBI focuses on elucidating the basic principles of the design and function of biological signal transduction networks so as to design new therapeutic approaches to cancer, degenerative and inflammatory diseases based on a systems level, mechanistic understanding of biomolecular networks. 
• Design and function of biological signal transduction networks
• Cancer: drug resistance, drug combination therapies, metastatic disease
• Inflammatory disease: role of hypoxia and transcriptional regulators
• Mesenchymal stem cells differentiation and migration 

High content imaging
• Membrane trafficking 
• siRNA screening
• drug delivery 

Functional genomics & proteomics
• chromatin regulation
• mapping signalling networks
• bacterial polymer formation

• analysis of peptide, drug and polymorphism synergies
• DNA sequence analysis
• network analysis (gene regulation; protein interaction, post-translational modifications) 

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