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Dr Breandán Kennedy BSc PhD

Book Chapters:

Collery, R.F., Cederlund, M.L., Smyth, V.A. and Kennedy, B.N. (2006) 'Applying Transgenic Zebrafish Technology To Study The Retina' In: Hollyfield J.G., Anderson, R.E., and La Vail M.M (eds). Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology. New York: Springer. [Details]
Kennedy, B.N., Saari, J.C., and Crabb, J.W. (1999) 'CRALBP and inherited retinal degeneration' In: Hollyfield J.G., Anderson, R.E., and La Vail (eds). Retinal Degenerative Disease and Experimental Therapy (Plenum, NY). [Details]

Peer Reviewed Journals:

Morrissey ME, Shelton S, Brockerhoff SE, Hurley JB, Kennedy BN (2011) 'PRE-1, a cis element sufficient to enhance cone- and rod- specific expression in differentiating zebrafish photoreceptors'. BMC Developmental Biology, 11 . [DOI] [Details]
Cederlund ML, Morrissey ME, Baden T, Scholz D, Vendrell V, Lagnado L, Connaughton VP, Kennedy BN. (2011) 'Zebrafish Tg(7.2mab21l2:EGFP)ucd2 transgenics reveal a unique population of retinal amacrine cells'. Investigative Ophtalmology and Visual Science, 52 (3):1613-1621. [Details]
Cederlund ML, Vendrell V, Morrissey ME, Yin J, Gaora PÓ, Smyth VA, Higgins DG, Kennedy BN. (2011) 'mab21l2 transgenics reveal novel expression patterns of mab21l1 and mab21l2, and conserved promoter regulation without sequence conservation'. Developmental dynamics : an official publication of the American Association of Anatomists, 240 (4):745-754. [Details]
Atzei P, Yang F, Collery R, Kennedy BN, Moynagh PN (2010) 'Characterisation of expression patterns and functional role of Cactin in early zebrafish development'. Gene expression patterns : GEP, 10 (4-5):199-206. [DOI] [Details]
Kennedy BN, Collery RF, (2010) 'Photoreceptor Guanylate Cyclases and cGMP Phosphodiesterases in Zebrafish'. Advances in Experimental Medical Biology, 664 :55-61. [DOI] [Details]
Higgins DG, Yin J, McLoughlin S, Jeffery IB, Glaviano A, Kennedy B, (2010) 'Integrating multiple genome annotation databases improves the interpretation of microarray gene expression data'. BMC Genomics, 11 . [DOI] [Details]

Conference Publications:

Atzei, P., Maguire, P. B., Kennedy, B. N., Moynagh, P. N., (2008) Journal of Neuroimmunology Cactin, a novel regulator of TLR signalling pathways , pp.162-162 [Details]


Y Alvarez, E Breen, B Bill, J Torrez-Vazquez, T Vihtelic and B.N. Kennedy (2006) Zebrafish: A Novel Model to Characterise Genetic Determinants of Retinal Vasculature. Abstract [Details]
RF Collery, ML Cederlund and BN Kennedy (2006) Transgenic Expression of Human RetGC-1 in Zebrafish Cone Photoreceptors. Abstract [Details]
Smyth, V.A.; Heffernan, T.A.; Di Lorenzo, D.; Kennedy, B.N (2006) A Novel 20 bp Enhancer Region Controls Cone-specific Expression. Abstract [Details]
M. Cederlund, M. Ader, B. Sapetto-Rebow, B.N. Kennedy (2006) Regulation and function of Mab21l1 and `Mab21l2 genes. Abstract [Details]
Y. Alvarez, E. Breen, B. Bill, J. Torres-Vazquez, T. Vihtelic and B.N. Kennedy (2006) Zebrafish: A Novel In Vivo Model To Identify And Characterise Genetic Determinants Of Retinal Vasculature. Abstract [Details]
Smyth, V.A.; Heffernan, T.A.; Di Lorenzo, D.; Kennedy, B.N. (2006) Characterisation of an Enhancer within the 5' flanking region of the Zebrafish Cone Transducin -subunit. Abstract [Details]

Published abstracts

B.N. Kennedy, R.F. Collery, J.M. Finnegan. (2005) Characterisation of zebrafish CRALBP orthologues. Published abstracts [Details]
V.A. Smyth, B.N. Kennedy. (2005) Identification of an enhancer within the 5 flanking region of the ConeTransducin á-subunit. Published abstracts [Details]