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Professor Brendan Loftus BSc PhD

Peer Reviewed Journals:

Weissenmayer BA, Prendergast JG, Lohan AJ, Loftus BJ (2011) 'Sequencing Illustrates the Transcriptional Response of Legionella pneumophila during Infection and Identifies Seventy Novel Small Non-Coding RNAs'. PLoS ONE, . Available Online [Details]
Tong P, Prendergast JG, Lohan AJ, Farrington SM, Cronin S, Friel N, Bradley DG, Hardiman O, Evans A, Wilson JF, Loftus B. (2010) 'Sequencing and analysis of an Irish human genome'. Genome Biology, . Available Online [Details]
Edwards, C. J.Edwards, C. J.,Magee, D. A.Magee, D. A.,Park, S. D.Park, S. D.,McGettigan, P. A.McGettigan, P. A.,Lohan, A. J.Lohan, A. J.,Murphy, A.Murphy, A.,Finlay, E. K.Finlay, E. K.,Shapiro, B.Shapiro, B.,Chamberlain, A. T.Chamberlain, A. T.,Richards, M. B.Richards, M. B.,Bradley, D. G.Bradley, D. G.,Loftus, B. J.Loftus, B. J.,Machugh, D. E.Machugh, D. E. (2010) 'A complete mitochondrial genome sequence from a mesolithic wild aurochs (Bos primigenius)'. PLoS ONEPLoS ONEPLoS ONE, 5 (22). Available Online [Details]
McGivney BA, McGettigan PA, Browne JA, Evans AC, Fonseca RG, Loftus BJ, Lohan A, MacHugh DE, Murphy BA, Katz LM, Hill EW. (2010) 'Characterization of the equine skeletal muscle transcriptome identifies novel functional responses to exercise training'. BMC Genomics, 11 . Available Online [Details]
Nene V, Wortman JR, Lawson D, Haas B, Kodira C, Tu ZJ, Loftus B et al (2007) 'Genome Sequence of Aedes aegypti, a Major Arbovirus Vector'. Science, 316 :1718-1723. [Details]
Lobo NF, Campbell KS, Thaner D, Debruyn B, Koo H, Gelbart WM, Loftus BJ, Severson DW, Collins FH. (2007) 'Analysis of 14 BAC sequences from the Aedes aegypti genome: a benchmark for genome annotation and assembly'. Genome Biology, 8 (5). [Details]

Book Chapters:

Loftus, B. (2003) 'Genome sequencing, assembly and gene prediction in fungi' In: D. K. Arora and Khachatourians, G. G (eds). Fungal Genomics. *: Elsevier Science. [Details]
Mann, BJ, Loftus, BJ. (2002) 'The Molecular Biology and Pathogenicity of Entamoeba histolytica' In: Karen Joy Shaw (eds). Pathogen Genomics: Impact on Human Health. Totowa, NJ: Humana Press, Inc. [Details]

Conference Publications:

Forde N, McGettigan PA, Browne JA, Carter F, Loftus BJ, Roche JF, Lonergan P, Crowe MA, and Evans ACO (2009) Pregnancy specific endometrial gene expression at the initiation of conceptus elongation in cattle 42nd Annual meeting of the Society for the Study of Reproduction, Biology of Reproduction 81, Abstract 303 Pittsburgh, , 18-JUL-09 - 22-JUL-09 [Details]