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Dr Douglas Veale

Research Interests:

The clinical research focus of our group is early inflammatory arthritis - RA, psoriatic arthritis and related psoriasis. The unit has an international reputation for studies based on well-defined inflammatory arthritis cohorts. The translational research focus is on angiogenesis and vascular biology, in collaboration with Ursula Fearon, Jacintha O'Sullivan and Cormac Taylor we have recently attracted a HRB Translational award to examine the role of hypoxia on joint inflammation, mitochondrial bioenergetics, tissue perfusion and genomic instability. The group has combined high-quality clinical cohort studies with novel arthroscopic and high-end imaging technologies to study synovial tissue in vivo macroscopically, ex vivo and at the cellular and molecular level. Recent publications focus on the regulation of angiogenesis by growth factors and cytokines, the effect of novel TNF targetted therapy and novel studies examining the relationship of biomarkers with clinical and imaging measures such as dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (DEMRI).

Cambridge Antibody Technology
EU Autocure Consortium
Heath Research Board
HRB Fellowship
Industry Sponsor (GSK)
Raynaud's Scleroderma Association