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Dr Douglas Veale

Teaching Interests:

I  represent the clinical staff on the Postgraduate Degree Committee, UCD and

    actively participate in teaching of Pre-clinical students at the HSB UCD, and clinical 4th and final year students at SVUH.  I also provide regular undergraduate and postgraduate lectures and tutorials in the SMMS. 

I actively teach in a number of postgraduate programmes including the degree course and the Masters Course for Translational Research. I also teach on the Research Frontiers course for basic science PhD's. I teach on the Immunology course in Trinity College Dublin.


I am the editor of the Rheumatology section of E-medicine, an exciting new web-based learning tool. 


I have led and developed a number of teaching programmes for medical, allied staff and unique patient education projects e.g. Patient Partners Programme and outreach lecture series.


I was National Specialty Director (2003-06) responsible for post-graduate Rheumatology SpR recruitment, training and appraisal. During this term I introduced a new training programme which the fellows attended 5-6 themed seminars each year, this included national and international lecturers, in addition to case presentations and discussions