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Professor Walter Kolch MD FRSE HABILITATION

Peer Reviewed Journals:

Aksamitiene, E.Aksamitiene, E.,Kholodenko, B. N.Kholodenko, B. N.,Kolch, W.Kolch, W.,Hoek, J. B.Hoek, J. B.,Kiyatkin, A.Kiyatkin, A. (2010) 'PI3K/Akt-sensitive MEK-independent compensatory circuit of ERK activation in ER-positive PI3K-mutant T47D breast cancer cells'. Cell Signal, 22 (99):1369-781369. [Details]
Kholodenko, B. N.Kholodenko, B. N.,Hancock, J. F.Hancock, J. F.,Kolch, W.Kolch, W. (2010) 'Signalling ballet in space and time'. Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol, 11 (66):414-26414. [Details]
Preisinger, C.Preisinger, C.,Kolch, W.Kolch, W. (2010) 'The Bcr-Abl kinase regulates the actin cytoskeleton via a GADS/Slp-76/Nck1 adaptor protein pathway'. Cell Signal, 22 (55):848-56848. [Details]
Lock, F. E.Lock, F. E.,Underhill-Day, N.Underhill-Day, N.,Dunwell, T.Dunwell, T.,Matallanas, D.Matallanas, D.,Cooper, W.Cooper, W.,Hesson, L.Hesson, L.,Recino, A.Recino, A.,Ward, A.Ward, A.,Pavlova, T.Pavlova, T.,Zabarovsky, E.Zabarovsky, E.,Grant, M. M.Grant, M. M.,Maher, E. R.Maher, E. R.,Chalmers, A. D.Chalmers, A. D.,Kolch, W.Kolch, W.,Latif, F.Latif, F. (2010) 'The RASSF8 candidate tumor suppressor inhibits cell growth and regulates the Wnt and NF-kappaB signaling pathways'. Oncogene, . [Details]
Romano, D.Romano, D.,Matallanas, D.Matallanas, D.,Weitsman, G.Weitsman, G.,Preisinger, C.Preisinger, C.,Ng, T.Ng, T.,Kolch, W.Kolch, W. (2010) 'Proapoptotic kinase MST2 coordinates signaling crosstalk between RASSF1A, Raf-1, and Akt'. Cancer Res, 70 (33):1195-2031195. [Details]
Xu, T. R.Xu, T. R.,Vyshemirsky, V.Vyshemirsky, V.,Gormand, A.Gormand, A.,von Kriegsheim, A.von Kriegsheim, A.,Girolami, M.Girolami, M.,Baillie, G. S.Baillie, G. S.,Ketley, D.Ketley, D.,Dunlop, A. J.Dunlop, A. J.,Milligan, G.Milligan, G.,Houslay, M. D.Houslay, M. D.,Kolch, W.Kolch, W. (2010) 'Inferring signaling pathway topologies from multiple perturbation measurements of specific biochemical species'. Sci Signal, 3 (113113). [Details]