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Early Career Researcher Induction Stage 3

Kick-start the RS&CD process

The UCD Research Skills & Career Development (RS&CD) Framework guides the development of postdoctoral (PD) research fellows during their time in the University. You should begin this planning process by completing the self-assessment form and sending it to your PI mentor in advance of your first planning meeting.

Review your work plan

Your principal investigator should review your work plan with you at the end of the first three months.

Set up your online profile

Promote and showcase your academic and research achievements.

  • You have complete control over information displayed as you decide what information is published.
  • Profile data is easy to update and amend.
  • It is easy to download your CV into Word to print, or for use in grant applications.

Need help setting up your profile?

Once completed, contact Elaine Quinn to make the profile visible on the Conway website and intranet.

Present an overview of your research

  • Within the first  three months, you will give an overview of your research interests to the research team
  • Your principal investigator will give you sufficient notice and advice on the best approach to take.

Take part in CLASS

  • You should by now be familiar with research in the Conway Institute and have attended the weekly (Tuesday, 12 noon) Conway Lecture and Seminar Series (CLASS)
  • CLASS showcases the research of Conway postdoctoral and graduate researchers along with national and international guest speakers
  • Each month, two postdoctoral fellows will give a 25 minute presentation on their research• Speak with your principal investigator about the best time to give your presentation

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