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Featured Researcher: Dr Devrim Kilinc

Dr Devrim KilincMy Research

I am combining microfluidic neuron culture with magnetic tweezers technique to study the effect of mechanically-induced intracellular signaling on axon outgrowth mechanisms. The axon growth cone is thought to be the region where mechano-chemical signaling is transduced into cell motility, i.e. axonal retraction or outgrowth. My project aims to dissect the molecular pathways associated with the mechanotransduction of the extracellular stimuli into the cytoskeleton.


I am a postdoctoral research fellow working with Professor Gil Lee


Istanbul, Turkey


I am a mechanical engineer by training. I have got my PhD from Drexel University, Philadelphia, working on an in vitro model of traumatic axonal injury. I received a two year postdoctoral training at Université P. et M. Curie, Paris working on microfluidic neuron culture systems before joining University College Dublin.


Kilinc D, G Gallo and KA Barbee. 2008. Poloxamer 188 Blocks Mechanoporation-Induced Axonal Beading and Cytoskeletal Damage. Experimental Neurology, 212:422-430.

Kilinc D, G Gallo and KA Barbee. 2009. An Interactive Image Processing and Analysis Algorithm for the Quantification of Axonal Beading. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 95:62-71.

Kilinc D, G Gallo and KA Barbee. 2009. Mechanical Membrane Injury Induces Axonal Beading through Localized Activation of Calpain. Experimental Neurology, 219:553-561.

Kilinc D, JM Peyrin, V Soubeyre, S Magnifico, L Saias, JL Viovy and B Brugg. 2011. Wallerian-Like Degeneration of Central Neurons after Synchronized and Geometrically Registered Mass Axotomy in a Three-Compartmental Microfluidic Chip. Neurotoxicity Research, 19:149-161.

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