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Meet our Featured Reseachers

Dr David Croucher

David researches the fundamental behaviours of signalling pathways in breast cancer using systems biology approaches. Read more about David's research.

Dr Luis Alvarez

A molecular cell biologist with a strong background in microscopy and biophysics, Luis currently studies host-pathogen interactions. Read about Luis' work.

Dr Emma Börgeson

Emma is trying to put the brakes on the body's inflammaotry response in kidney disease associated with diabetes. Learn about Emma's work.

Dr Alex Cheong

Alex likens the synergy he sees between signalling pathways in hypoxia and inflammation to an orchestral score. Learn about Alex's work.

Dr Jens Rauch

Jens uses systems biology approaches in his research to understand signalling in cancer cells. Read more about Jen's work in this area.

Dr Eoin Cummins

Micro-environmental factors impact on cellular function. Read about Eoin's work in this area.

Dr Devrim Kilinc

Read about Devrim's research on conducting signals in the cytoskeleton.

Dr Rosemary Kane

Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is a chronic and fatal pulmonary disorder. Read about Rosemary's research on this topic.

Dr Ciara O'Meara

Ciara researches the functional genomics involved in bovine embyro development. Read about Ciara's work in this area.

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