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UCD Conway publications hero


Creating new knowledge

From 2003-2013, Conway Fellows produced in excess of 3,250 high calibre publications demonstrating the international impact of our research. These studies have appeared in the most prestigious scientific journals globally including Science, Cell, Lancet, and Nature. These high impact studies have emerged from across the full range of research areas reflecting the world-class research taking place across the breadth of the Institute. In particular, Conway researchers have contributed significant works in biotechnology, endocrinology, biochemistry and molecular biology. 

In science, as in society, success is often measured by how often people are talking about or referring to your work. In the same period, Conway Fellows produced a number of publications that are highly cited or referenced. More than 80 scientific publications by Conway researchers have been cited over 100 times. Prof Des Higgins has over 100,000 total citations; making him the most cited Irish, and one of the most cited researchers in the world, for his work on DNA sequence comparisons.

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