Igniting Discovery


It is 10 years since UCD Conway Institute of Biomolecular & Biomedical Research opened its doors on the Belfield campus of University College Dublin. A 10th birthday gives many reasons to celebrate.

One is the realisation of a vision of a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research institute where scientists from different disciplines work together on fundamental questions too big for any one discipline alone to solve. Putting this concept on the institute’s birth certificate a decade ago was a radical idea. Today, it is the gold standard for modern research in biology and biomedicine.

Added to this is a model of dedicated infrastructure underpinned by advanced technology platforms offering the bespoke project design and seamless analysis required to drive 21st century research. The result is UCD Conway Institute; widely recognised as the flagship of biomedical research in Ireland and a testament to the success of a concept that was novel for its time.

However, it is our people who have played an integral role in the realisation of this vision. Conway researchers and staff have created a vibrant home where collaborations, new ideas and research excellence thrive. This culture is arguably our most important achievement and continually delivers high calibre publications, competitive funding awards, a stream of innovations and a host of talented scientists.

This booklet celebrates some of the achievements from the past decade and, importantly, gives a glimpse of what we believe will be an equally successful future in scientific research and discovery.

Dr Hugh Brady
UCD President
Professor Walter Kolch
Director, UCD Conway Institute