DUBLIN 1941-67


In 1941 MacGreevy returned to Ireland as his lecturing and reviewing work in London had become scarce due to the Blitz. He soon became Art Critic for The Irish Times, writing several influential reviews during the first Irish Exhibition of Living Art. In 1941 he began writing for The Father Mathew Record, and the following year joined the staff of The Capuchin Annual. During this time, MacGreevy's friendship with Jack Yeats, begun as early as 1920, deepened. In 1950 Thomas MacGreevy became Director of the National Gallery of Ireland, a post he retained until 1963, when he retired due to failing health.

MacGreevy photographed in 1956 at the opening of a Jack B. Yeats' Exhibition at the National College of Art and Design with, from left to right, Monsignor Pádraig de Brún, Father Senan, Jack B Yeats, MacGreevy and Father Gerald. ©1


At the opening of a Mainie Jellet Exhibition in the Dublin Municipal Gallery. Pictured with from left to right Éamon de Valera, Cearbhall O'Dalaigh (Chief Justice) and Bay Jellet (Mainie Jellet's sister).


MacGreevy pictured outside the National Gallery in the 1950s ©2


©1 Property of Susan Schreibman
©2 (picture on left) Property of the Estate of Thomas MacGreevy
      (on right) Property of
The Irish Times (No. 56D 459)

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