In early June 1928 MacGreevy met Richard Aldington for the first time at James Joyce's apartment in Paris. They struck up a friendship immediately. From 1928 until April 1931, MacGreevy accompanied Richard Aldington and Bridget Patmore his companion from 1928 through 1936) on several excursions throughout Italy, France and Greece. Other companions were the Editor at Chatto & Windus, Charles Prentice, the Editor at Heinemann, A.S. Frere who in 1934 published MacGreevy's Poems (and to whom MacGreevy dedicated "De Civitate Hominum"), and Norman Douglas. 1

MacGreevy pictured in Italy.
c. 1929.

with Richard Aldington, (far left)
Bridget Patmore (Aldington's companion
from 1928 through 1936) and AS Frere,
probably at Aldington's villa in the
south of France at Le Lavandou, Var.

MacGreevy with Richard Aldington and Bridget Patmore
at the Temple of Athena, Paestum, Athens.


MacGreevy pictured with "Romolina",
Richard Aldington's Ford.

All photographs property of the Estate of Thomas MacGreevy.

1 Copyright 1998 Susan Schreibman.

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