MacGreevy spent his childhood in Tarbert, Co. Kerry, 120 miles from Dublin as the crow flies. It was a place still haunted by tales told by survivors of the Irish Famine. In his Memoirs, MacGreevy described Tarbert as 'a not unlovely village in the vast and varied county on the south side of the wide and very beautiful estuary of the Shannon...' Thomas MacGreevy was born on the 26th of October 1893, the seventh of eight children and the only surviving son into, a family of farmers and schoolteachers. From this beginning he went on to become a published poet, literary and art critic, Director of the National Gallery of Ireland, and confidante to some of the most important modernist writers and artists from both sides of the Atlantic.


The McGreevy Family: Front row from left to right Thomas, Nora and Margaret. Back row: Family Childminder (name unknown) Kathleen, Mary and Winifred McGreevy.

The McGreevy family home
in Tarbert, Co. Kerry. c. 1930

A view of the Shannon
estuary taken from Tarbert. c. 1950

Property of the Estate of Thomas MacGreevy.
2 Property of the O'Donnell family, Tarbert, Co. Kerry.  

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