PARIS 1927-33

In January 1927 William McCausland Stewart recommended MacGreevy for the post of lecteur in English Literature at the Ecole Normale Supèrieure. He was appointed to the position and left for Paris in February 27 to take up the post which he retained until June 1929. Only a few days after his arrival, he sent a note to James Joyce, announcing, as MacGreevy later writes, 'his presence in Paris.' From that time, until MacGreevy left Paris permanently to take up residence in London in November 1933, he was an intimate of the Joyce family (acting as best man to Giorgio Joyce at his wedding to Helen Fleischman on 10 December 1930) in addition to assisting Joyce with Work in Progress published as Finnegans Wake. In November 1928 his replacement at the Ecole, Samuel Beckett, arrived and the two men hit it off immediately, forming a friendship that only ended with MacGreevy's death. ©

MacGreevy pictured
looking from his rooms at the
Ecole Normale Supèrieure.

  Recent photographs of the Ecole and its library. ©2

In Paris with James and Nora Joyce. c. 1930. MacGreevy is standing third from the left in the front row of the group. James and Nora Joyce are pictured third and fourth from the left in the back row.

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