THE WAR YEARS 1917-1919

In March 1917, MacGreevy enlisted in the Royal Field Artillery
of the British Army. His training lasted for nearly 10 months.
In November of that year he received a commission
as Second Lieutenant in the RFA
and one month later, having finished home service,
was posted to the Western Front,
landing in Le Harve on 20 December 1917.

By 1 January 1918 MacGreevy was serving with the 148th
Brigade in Flanders.
He was twice wounded,
first on 25 April 1918,

and more seriously at Messines
on 2 October where he received a shoulder wound.
On 8 October he was sent to an officers' hospital
in Manchester to recover, and in December
was moved to a convalescence home near Scarborough.
He spent Christmas 1918 in Tarbert,
and on 22 January 1919 was demobilised.

Cadets in an RFA Officer Training School,
possibly at taken St. John's Wood
or The Chapperton Down Artillery School at Salisbury Plain.
On the back of the photograph MacGreevy listed
all the men's names corresponding with the numbers on the front.

Officer Cadets in an RFA Officer
Training School, possibly taken at St. John's Wood
MacGreevy is standing in the 4th row
from the front, 6th from the right.

MacGreevy in uniform pictured
with his sister Nora Phelan (nee McGreevy)
taken either his one home leave in March 1917,
or before his demobilisation in January 1919. 

All photographs from the estate of Thomas MacGreevy.
1 Copyright 1998 Susan Schreibman.

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