Advanced Reading for
What's All the Hype in Hypertext About
Pre-Colloquium Workshop

10 March 2000
University College Dublin

While advanced reading is not strictly necessary for the workshop, reading a selection of the articles below and browsing some of the archives will give you a headstart on the material we will be covering in the workshop


Frequently Asked Questions about the Extensible Markup Language

What is XML?

Electronic Text Center's Introduction to SGML

'A New Dawn' from New Scientist Plant Science

About Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML)

The Text Encoding Initiative (TEI)

The TEI Page at the University of Illinois at Chicago

TEI Lite: An Introduction to Text Encoding for Interchange in SGML (this introduction is not yet available in XML, but the principles are the same)

Some Humanities Computing Articles

As We May Think by Vannevar Bush

A Brief Introduction to Humanities Computing and Electronic Text

Frequently Asked Questions about Electronic Texts

A Computer is Not a Typewriter, or Getting Right with Information Technology in the Humanities by Stanley N. Katz

Humanities Computing as Interdiscipline by Willard McCarthy

Is There a Computer in this Class? by Susan Hockey

Computing, Humanism, and the Coming Age of Print by Stuart Moulthrop

American Council of Learned Societies Occasional Paper No. 37:
Information Technology in Humanities Scholarship: Achievements, Prospects, and Challenges— The United States Focus

Miscellaneous  Resources

Literary Resources on the Net

Selective Bibliography for Humanities Computing

Voice of the Shuttle

Arts and Humanites Data Service

Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography

Irish Resources in the Humanities

Some Humanities Computing Projects

Women Writers Project

American Verse Project

The William Blake Archive

Perseus Project

An Analytical Onomasticon to the Metamorphoses of Ovid

Celt Corpus of Electronic Texts

The Model Editions Partnership

Uncle Tom's Cabin