UCD CRH Services / Licencing



  • Molloy’s Centra, Merville, UCD, Belfield

  • Randal’s Rest, UCD, Belfield

Commercial, Residential and Hospitality Services manages over 30 licenses in UCD, both on the Belfield and Blackrock Campuses and also in Newman House, St. Stephen’s Green in Dublin City Centre.   

Licensees include the Post Office, various catering contractors, The Campus Bookshop and the Centra convenience store amongst others.

A license is required in order to bind all parties to certain trading conditions, which must include all necessary insurances. In addition, a license fee is required to cover administrative costs and to provide a reserve fund to finance the refurbishment of facilities.

For further information please contact:

Commercial, Residential and Hospitality Services
Belield House Courtyard
Dublin 4
Tel: +353 1 716 1111
Email:  estates.services@ucd.ie