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The UCD Institute of Criminology is an Academic Centre within University College Dublin.  It is located within the School of Law, Roebuck Castle, Belfield, Dublin 4.

The Institute's aims are:
To undertake high quality research on crime, criminal justice and the penal system in Ireland which contributes to the development of policy and practice and advances criminology as an academic discipline.

To enhance public understanding through the dissemination of the results of research by various means, including the provision of training and formal education.

To achieve these aims by collaborating with national and international organisations, including government departments, other research institutes, the community and voluntary sector.

To create a centre of national and international excellence in criminology.


The Institute can provide:

Extensive individual and collective skills in methodologies, in the design and execution of research and in the writing of reports that meet the needs of commissioning bodies.

Wide ranging knowledge in criminology and criminal justice from which to provide reasoned interpretations and evaluations of the findings of research.

A dedicated research facility in criminology and criminal justice - the first of its kind in the State.

The long established Masters in Law at UCD has been enhanced with the addition of the MSc (Criminology and Criminal Justice). This course is designed to develop student understanding of crime, its causes and consequences.

The Institute welcomes applications from students wishing to carry out their PhD research in a wide range of subjects


To find the Institute, the most convenient entrance to UCD is via the Owenstown Gate, off Fosters Avenue, and then through Car Park 5, to Roebuck Castle, on the campus map below (Location No. 39). The Institute is situated on the ground floor, to the right hand side of the Law School Building. The door into the Institute faces the side car park.


UCD Institute of Criminology, School of Law,
Roebuck Castle,
University College Dublin,
Dublin 4.

Tel. 353 - 1 - 716 8730.
Fax. 353 - 1 - 716 8723.
Email : Criminology




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