Event Details

Event: Lecture in RCSI (part of DMMC course on drug design)

Date: April 12 2007

Time: 11:00am

Venue: Albert Lecture Theatre, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland


Professor Bertrand Castro, Scientific Director Industrial Affairs at Sanofi-Aventis, will deliver a lecture entitled The Chemistry within the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Professor Castro has accomplished 30 years of academic research before joining Sanofi in 1989. He is also the discoverer of the BOP coupling reagent (Castro’s reagent).

This lecture is part of the DMMC course on drug design (http://www.dmmc.ie/DrugDesign2007.htm ), but the attendance of this lecture is free.

Lecture abstract

The importance of chemistry in Medicinal Research is well known; its involvement in Pharmaceutical Development is less popular and nevertheless necessitates an even highest degree of scientific inventivity in order to make the active molecules industrially feasible.

The fundamentals of these two activities will be described and compared within the timelines of the project management of the pharmaceutical R&D. A special attention will be given to the present status of the analytical characteristics of the APIs concerning the genotoxic impurities.

The importance of the physical characteristics of the APIs (polymorphism) will also be considered. The emergence of the supramolecular chemistry concepts in the formulation activities will finally be outlined.

As a conclusion, the threats and opportunities open to chemistry within the Pharmaceutical Industry will be analysed.

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