Mass Spectrometry

Sample Preparation

For low resolution mass spectrometry (LRMS)

  1. 0.5-1 mg/mL in water or in organic solvents preferably acetonitrile or methanol.
  2. DCM or CHCl3 or EtOAc are less favourable.
  3. Use 2 mL HPLC glass vials (dimension 12x32 mm (diameter x height)).
  4. Make the final volume 1 mL approximately.
  5. Always have your expected molecular weight ready and the chemical formula for filling up the log-sheet prior to sample analysis.

For high resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS)

  1. Sample must be pure.
  2. Make 0.1-0.5 mg/mL of the pure sample in water or organic solvents mentioned in LRMS section.
  3. Provide sample as solid (~1 mg) or oil (~1 mL) if the sample degrades over time. In such case, mention the appropriate solvent that the sample dissolves in.
  4. ChemDraw structure along with Exact Mass to 4 decimal points must be provided.
  5. Please mention whether sample is hazardous or requires any special handling.
    Photo of sample preparation for mass spectrometry
    Sample preparation for mass spectrometry

NOTE: Samples cannot contain the following:

  1. SALT BUFFERS (e.g. phosphate, citrate, borate, etc.)
  3. INORGANIC ACIDS (e.g. H2SO4, H2PO4)