February 1, 2007
Science@CSCB takes to the road in January

Who wants to be a Scientist? was the question posed to a total of 460 secondary school pupils when the Science@CSCB roadshow visited schools in Dublin, Wicklow and Kildare in January 2007.

Students’ minds were opened to some of the scientific breakthroughs dominating recent news stories – from Apple’s latest invention, the revolutionary iPhone, to the green Hummer, a futuristic car which uses algae to convert carbon dioxide to oxygen while you drive, through to a recent reality TV experiment which showed how mimicking the plant-based diet of our ape-like ancestors could lead to reduced cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

Students from St Mary's College in Naas
Students from St Mary's College in Naas
who attended a Science@CSCB career talk

The presentation challenged students’ perception of scientists and introduced them to some graduates who work in diverse areas within the pharma industry, in publishing, research and environmental monitoring. All indications are that the high demand for science graduates is continuously growing and that there has never been a better time to graduate with a science degree in Ireland.

Faced with important subject choices and CAO decisions, the audiences were attentive to details of the 26 science degrees available through the Science Omnibus route and the denominated entry options including the new BSc in Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology.

Photo of TY students on their visit to the Centre for Synthesis and Chemical Biology
TY students on their visit to the CSCB

Science@CSCB also hosted a half-day workshop for transition year students on January 25, 2007 as part of UCD Conway Institute TY work experience week. The visitors got to grips with chemical bonding, joining forces to create a huge polystyrene chain, and then headed for the bench where they put their investigative skills to the test using paper chromatography to track down the dyes used in coloured markers.

Photo of TY students Rebecca Fox and Mark Kelly at the CSCB
TY students Rebecca Fox and Mark Kelly
with their molecular model of polystyrene


Photo of Katie Hough and Cian Duggan at the CSCB
TY student Katie Hough and Cian Duggan
admire their underwater crystal garden



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