June 1, 2008 HEA PRTLI Cycle 4 Award

Funds were released by the HEA to UCD and TCD in January 2008 to commence their part of the National Graduate Enhancement Programme (NGEP) in (Bio)Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences (BPS). This programme extends the collaboration between the consortium of Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) that have worked together since 2005 to establish the €72m National Institute of Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT). UCD and TCD will join DCU, UCC, QUB and the RCSI in this collaborative programme and 13 PhD students will commence their studies across the CSCB and UCD Conway Institute in September 2008.

The objective of this National Programme is to provide 4th level graduate students with high quality training in the area of (bio)pharmaceuticals and pharmacological sciences and to foster inter-institutional collaborations and access to infrastructure.  UCD is the administrative lead on the BPS and will contribute to the programmes in chemical and bioprocess engineering, synthesis and chemical biology, clinical pharmacology including novel animal models of disease, biotechnology and pharmacology (proteomics and glycobiology), drug delivery and animal toxicology.  In the case of synthesis and chemical biology a number of courses from Dublin Chemistry (www.dublinchemistry.ie) will be offered. Dublin Chemistry is a joint graduate programme between the Schools of Chemistry in TCD and UCD. UCD has recently set up a Thematic Doctoral Programme for BPS.

The 10 Principal Investigators whose projects were chosen for funding for PhD studentships in UCD were: Dr Matthias Tacke (lead investigator), Professor Mohamed Al-Rubeai, Drs Francesca Paradisi and Cormac Murphy (joint investigators), Professor David Brayden, Professor Paul Malthouse, Dr Douglas Veale (lead investigator), Professor Ciaran Regan, Professor Pat Guiry, Dr Mike Casey and Dr Kevin O’Connor (lead investigator).



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