May 2, 2007
UCD researchers deliver talks at inaugural Chemical Biology Symposium

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) was the location of the inaugural Chemical Biology symposium held on March 30 and hosted by UCD graduate Professor Nick Farrell, Chair of the Department of Chemistry at VCU. Researchers from the CSCB and UCD School of Chemistry and Chemical Biology delivered talks at the one-day symposium on synthesising novel anti-inflammatory agents, microbial vaccines and derivatives of Tamoxifen and other anti-cancer drugs.

"Our visit to VCU was aimed at developing collaborations between the institutions which may in the future lead to student exchanges," says Professor Pat Guiry, CSCB Director and Professor of Synthetic Organic Chemistry from UCD. "The research areas complement our ongoing activities in chemical biology."

Photo of speakers at Chemical Biology symposium in Virginia COmmonwealth University

Speakers pictured at VCU Chemical Biology Sympsium

Professor Guiry's talk entitled "Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Lipoxin Analogues" covered his ongoing work with Professor Catherine Godson, Professor of Medicine and Therapeutics at UCD Conway Institute as they unravel the story of inflammation and the role played by lipoxins in regulating the process.

Recently appointed Professor of Chemical Biology at UCD, Professor Stefan Oscarson spoke about "Synthetic Microbial Glycoconjugate Vaccines" and Professor Michael McGlinchey, Head of the UCD School of Chemistry and Chemical Biology delivered a talk on "Organometallic derivatives of Tamoxifen and other anticancer drugs."

"This visit was important as it also gave us an opportunity to discuss both our undergraduate degree in Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology and our graduate courses in Chemical Biology with Professor Tadhg Begley (Cornell University), the VCU staff and other visiting speakers," concludes Professor Guiry.


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