May 2, 2007
RCSI Research Team feature in Nature Chemical Biology journal

Work resulting from a collaboration between Professor Denis Shields and Dr Richard Edwards at UCD Conway Institute, Professors Dermot Kenny and Niamh Moran at the Department of Clinical Pharmacology, RCSI and CSCB researcher, Dr Marc Devocelle, has been published in the February edition of the prestigious journal Nature Chemical Biology.

Their discovery of peptides capable of modulating human platelet function has been heralded as an exciting new illustration of the "quiet revolution occurring in biology". This new discovery allows for another starting point in the development of new treatments for such conditions as cardiovascular disease.

A research grant of one million euro was awarded to the team for this project by the Health Research Board in 2001.


Edwards, R.J; , Moran, N.; Devocelle, M.; Kiernan, A; Meade, G.; Signac, W.; Foy, M.; Park, S.D.E.; Dunne, E.; Kenny, D.; Shields, D.C., Nature Chemical Biology 2007, 3, 108-112.


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