March 4, 2008
PhD Positions in Nanobiology

Post Title:  PhD Positions in Nanobiology
Location: UCD BioNano Centre / UCD School of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, with option of co-supervision and part of work at DIT, Tyndall, NUIG or CRANN
Commencement:  September 2008 or earlier
Closing date for applications: May 1, 2008

The positions will be cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional, and will be in one of three core areas: nano-proteomics, bionano-imaging or protein-nanoparticle interactions. Up to five positions are available. The supervisors will be Professor Kenneth Dawson and Dr. Iseult Lynch.


NanoBiology, NanoMedicine, and NanoToxicology are designated as areas of strategic interest for Ireland, and core thematic research areas in UCD. In collaboration with its Partners (CRANN/TCD, UCC/Tyndall, DIT, and others) in Ireland, Europe and the US, UCD is directing its existing and developing strengths towards a unique nano-therapeutics and nanotoxicology research element within its Health and Health Delivery theme. 

Within the national Nanoscience program (NanoTEire), funded via cycle 4 of the HEA program for third level research institutions (PRTLI), UCD is leading the bionano strand. The programme is committed to innovation in how nanoscience and biology are connected, involving a complete conceptual and infrastructural integration of the disciplines, with standardization of all components, nanomaterials, biological fluids, cells, and methodologies.

UCD’s remit under PRTLI4 is to establish national facilities in each of three core specialities, Nano-“omics”, Protein synthesis and modification and BioImaging.


The PhD positions being offered by UCD under this phase of the programme will be in the following areas:
(a) Nano-“omics” –behaviour of nanoparticles in biological media such as serum, cellular fractions, proteomics, mass spectrometry.

(b) Protein synthesis and modification – large scale production of key proteins, protein labelling (fluorescent, deuterium, radio), characterisation of nanoparticle-protein interactions, epitope mapping.

(c) BioImaging – confocal Raman/FRET imaging protein-protein-particle interactions in situ / in vitro, cellular uptake and trafficking of nanoparticles.

Each of the positions will be based primarily at UCD, but will involve a significant element of collaboration with another of the NanoTEire partners, in order to build closer research linkages between the groupings.


All PhD candidates must hold a 1.1 or 2.1 Degree in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics, Pharmacology, or related subjects. Postgraduate Studentships are for a 4 year structured PhD, - Annual stipend €22k. (Please note that non-EU students need to pay fees.)

Applicants can apply up to May 1st 2008. Applications will be reviewed every 2 weeks. The positions must start by September 2008, but earlier start is desirable.

Please apply by email and in writing to:

Prof. Kenneth Dawson and Dr. Iseult Lynch
University College Dublin
School of Chemistry and Chemical Biology,
Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland