July 9, 2007
Eminent Carbohydrate Chemist is CSCB Visiting Professor 2007

Professor Richard Schmidt, University of Konstanz, left the picturesque region in Southern Germany behind during the months of April to June 2007 for a Visiting Professorship at the CSCB.

Renowned in the field of carbohydrate chemistry, Professor Schmidt has been Professor of Chemistry at the University of Konstanz since 1975. He has published over 600 papers in international journals and his research group has gained much recognition for the development of glycoside bond formation methodologies and for the synthesis of complex glycoconjugates, particularly glycosphingolipids and lipoteichoic acids (LTAs).

Professor Paul Murphy, Professor Richard Schmidt and Dr Xiangming Zhu

Professor Paul Murphy, Professor Richard Schmidt and Dr Xiangming Zhu

The surfaces of all cells are covered with information-carrying carbohydrates, which are responsible for important biological functions, participating in many types of intercellular communication events, protein folding, cell adhesion, and immune recognition. Understanding the types of carbohydrate structures in the human body is an increasingly important area of research.

Recipient of numerous awards, including the highly prestigious Emil Fischer Medal from the German Chemical Society and the 2005 Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Haworth Memorial Medal and Lectureship, Professor Schmidt has previously held a Guest Professorship at the University of Tel Aviv, Israel and Honorary Professorship at the University of Shenyang, China.

In addition to delivering a series of four lectures in UCD, Professor Schmidt also gave presentations at NUI Maynooth and Queen's University Belfast. On March 29, 2007 the Royal Irish Academy (RIA) hosted his lecture entitled "Glycoconjugates - Important Players in Molecular Recognition: A Chemist's Perspective" at Academy House as part of the CERC3 Young Chemists' Workshop organised by Professor Paul Murphy and Dr Xiangming Zhu, both of the CSCB and UCD School of Chemistry and Chemical Biology.

"We also had the opportunity for many fruitful discussions with Professor Schmidt during his visit," said Dr Xiangming Zhu, who has previously worked as a postdoctoral researcher in the group of Professor Schmidt in Konstanz and coordinated the CSCB Visiting Professorship.

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