September 11, 2008
Gymnasium Kreuzgasse visit to the CSCB

Seven students of Intensive Chemistry from year 12 (16 to 18-year olds), Gymnasium Kreuzgasse, Cologne, Germany and their teacher, Birgit Feldman visited the Centre for Synthesis and Chemical Biology and UCD School of Chemistry and Chemical Biology on Thursday, September 11 as part of their 3-day cultural and educational visit to Dublin.

Their visit started with a 3rd-Year Medicinal Chemistry lecture in the UCD School of Chemistry and Chemical Biology and afterwards, they were given a campus tour by a UCD Student Ambassador, taking in the Science centres, Health Sciences Centre, Student Centre and Sports Centre.

On their return to the CSCB, they were given a tour of the building, including the labs and the NMR and Mass Spectrometry facilities.

Dr Matthias Tacke spoke to them about what to expect in college and gave an introduction to research on “Titanocene Anticancer Drugs” carried out at the CSCB.

Birgit Feldmann explained that in addition to a strong focus on Science and Information Computer Technology, their school is part of the Europaschule network. English is compulsory and students have the option to study their curriculum through French and English, with an increasing emphasis on French as they progress. This means that they can attain both the German Abitur and French Baccalauréat upon leaving. Each year, there is a 3-day school trip offered at Year 12 with the opportunity to pay a study/cultural visit to another European country.



Students from Gymnasium Kreuzgasse, Cologne with their teacher,
Birgit Feldmann (third from left) outside the CSCB building.


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