April 12, 2007
Inspiring more science minds at Science@CSCB

17 students from Mount Anville and St Paul’s Secondary School, Greenhills took part in workshops at the CSCB on March 23 and 27.The groups first got to grips with chemical structures and bonding by building molecular models and using chemistry drawing software. The lab session saw the students carrying out their own chromatography investigations and witnessing some chemical illusions.

Photo of TY students from Mount Anville at the Science@CSCB workshop
TY students from Mount Anville get to grips with molecular modelling

Mick Dunne, Senior Technical Officer at the UCD School of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, illustrated the states of matter by shrinking a balloon with liquid nitrogen and students discovered why floating ice won’t in fact raise sea levels. They were amazed by the colour changes of an oscillating reaction and then used a magnet to test the claim that a well-known breakfast cereal is fortified with iron.

Over 200 transition year students from Mount Anville and Santa Sabina, Sutton heard the Science@CSCB career talk Who Wants to be a Scientist? at their schools on March 27 and 28. The presentation got students thinking about the science in the news including the recent contaminated water crisis and left them with a better idea of the exciting and varied careers of science graduates.


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