August 17, 2007
CSCB researchers feature in EurJOC Special Issue

Research papers by Professor Paul Murphy and Professor Pat Guiry of the CSCB feature in the special decennial issue of the European Journal of Organic Chemistry (EurJOC), to be published next month.

Celebrating ten years of excellence in publishing, the issue features papers by a range of authors from across Europe and the cover illustration indicates the distribution. EurJOC covers the broad scope of organic chemistry with a strong basis in contemporary synthetic chemistry.

"Over the years EurJOC has developed into a truly international journal, with a current impact factor of 2.69 and a shortening of publication time and doubling of publication frequency since its inauguration," according to Dr Haymo Ross, the journal's Editor.

Several speakers at the recently held 15th European Symposium on Organic Chemistry (ESOC 2007) have contributed to the journal's celebratory issue. ESOC 2007 was held at UCD from July 8-13, 2007 and Professor Pat Guiry of the CSCB was the Symposium Chairman. The special issue of EurJOC also features a conference report by Professor Guy Lloyd-Jones, University of Bristol.1

Image of a novel polyhydroxylated benzomacrolactone scaffold synthesised from D-mannitol

Structure of a novel polyhydroxylated benzomacrolactone
 scaffold synthesised from D-mannitol

CSCB researcher Professor Paul Murphy has contributed a review article outlining advances in the application of sugars as scaffolds for bioactive compound discovery, focusing on recent work from his own research group.2 Sugars are ideal building blocks for the synthesis of a range of compounds based on polyhydroxylated scaffolds that can be explored in chemical biology, drug discovery and supramolecular chemistry.

The paper authored by Professor Guiry and Grainne Hargaden reports the preparation of a new class of oxazoline-containing ligands and their application in a chromium-catalysed asymmetric allylation of aldehydes.3

The issue is available online to subscribers at


1. Lloyd-Jones, G.; Paz Muñoz, M.; Owen-Smith. G., 15th European Symposium on Organic Chemistry (ESOC 15), Dublin, Ireland 2007, 25, 4146-50.

2. Murphy, P.V., Peptidomimetics, Glycomimetics and Scaffolds from Carbohydrate Building Blocks 2007, 25, 4177-87.

3. Hargaden, G.C.; Müller-Bunz, H.; Guiry. P.J., New Proline-Oxazoline Ligands and Their Application in the Asymmetric Nozaki-Hiyama-Kishi Reaction 2007, 25, 4235-43.

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