December 20, 2007
Dr Stephen Connon is awarded €1.25 million ERC grant

Dr Stephen Connon, TCD School of Chemistry and CSCB, has been awarded a very significant and prestigious grant for young researchers from the European Research Council (ERC). The research funding body, created under the EU's 7th Framework Programme for Research, announced the outcome of the competition for Starting Independent Investigator awards on December 14, 2007.

The awards are designed to boost the careers of researchers at the time they are establishing themselves as independent research leaders. This is the first year of the programme and competition for the awards was intense: the success rate among >9600 applicants was 3%. About 300 up-and-coming research leaders, representing over 30 nationalities, will receive awards.

The panel has recommended an award of €1.25 million for Dr Connon's project which is entitled "Novel Biomimetic Organocatalysts". Dr Connon’s research group are attempting to exploit catalytic strategies employed by highly efficient biological catalysts (enzymes) towards the design of synthetic systems for a wide range of chemical reactions for which no active and selective catalysts are currently available.


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