June 20, 2008
Emilie Banide selected as one of 5 “International Young Chemists of the Year”

Dr Emilie Banide, a recent PhD graduate from the UCD School of Chemistry and Chemical Biology has been selected by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) as one of its five International Young Chemists of the Year (2008) based on the quality of her PhD thesis, and the resulting publications.

Photo: Dr Emilie Banide, winner of IUPAC prize

Dr Emilie Banide, winner of
IUPAC International Young Chemists of the Year prize (2008)

Winners of this extremely prestigious annual award are selected from applicants in all countries associated with IUPAC and, in recent years, has been dominated by graduates from such renowned institutions as Harvard, Berkeley, Stanford, Princeton, Cornell, MIT, Tokyo, Beijing, Bologna, Uppsala, Oxford and Edinburgh. Emilie is the first recipient from the Republic of Ireland; she will receive a commemorative plaque and $1000 US, and will be invited to present her work at the IUPAC conference in Glasgow in 2009.

Earlier this year, Dr. Banide was awarded the Prize for Young Chemists (2007), sponsored by The Irish Times and selected by a committee of the Royal Irish Academy. Her thesis was selected as the best chemistry PhD thesis in Ireland; she received a prize of €1000 and became Ireland’s candidate for the IUPAC prize.

Emilie Banide received her undergraduate education in Lyon and in Paris, and completed her PhD entitled "From Allenes to Tetracenes: Syntheses, Structures, and Reactivity of the Intermediates" in three years working in the laboratory of Professor Michael McGlinchey of the CSCB and UCD School of Chemistry and Chemical Biology. Her research project resulted in the discovery of a wide variety of new luminescent materials with potential for use in the next generation of digital display screens. The work was supported by funding from Science Foundation Ireland.

Moreover, on the basis of her PhD work, Dr Banide won a highly competitive position with the multinational pharmaceutical company Novartis. She will be working in Cork and in Basel, Switzerland.


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