2007 Headlines

December 2007

  • TCD hosts Recent Advances in Synthesis and Chemical Biology VI Speakers at the CSCB symposium December 2007
    The sixth annual CSCB symposium was held in TCD on December 14, 2007. Over 200 delegates attended and the programme featured an excellent line-up of distinguished speakers, describing their latest research from the interface of chemistry and biology.
    (Posted: December 20, 2007)

  • Dr Stephen Connon is awarded €1.25 million ERC grantDr Stephen Connon
    Dr Stephen Connon, TCD School of Chemistry, has been awarded a very significant and prestigious grant for young researchers from the European Research Council (ERC).
    (Posted: December 20, 2007)

  • CSCB NEWS - Issue 6 (pdf)CSCB News Issue 6
    Download the December 07 issue of CSCB News, featuring reports on recent events, awards and a selection of recent research highlights from the CSCB.
    (Posted: December 11, 2007)


November 2007

  • Chemistry works during Science Week 2007
    During national Science Week 2007, which ran from November 12-16, CSCB scientists helped over 1000 primary and secondary school pupils discover the magic of chemistry.
    (Posted: November 26, 2007)

  • Secondary students start the term with some lively science
    The UCD Science programme for schools 2007/2008 got off to a flying start in October when over 400 secondary pupils visited UCD Conway Institute to hear a series of lectures designed to complement the biology and chemistry syllabi.
    (Posted: November 9, 2007)


    October 2007

  • RCSI chemists travel chemical space in search for new medicines Dr Mauro Adamo and his research group at the RCSI

    Dr Mauro Adamo and his research group are charting "chemical space" in an effort to discover small molecule drug candidates. This approach has generated compounds with demonstrated antimicrobial, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-tumour activity.
    (Posted: October 16, 2007)

  • UCD Images of Research Exhibition

    CSCB researchers were among over 200 from across UCD who submitted compelling images for the 2nd Annual UCD Images of Research Competition. The competition aims to discover the most innovative and imaginative images of research activity at the university.
    (Posted: October 16, 2007)

  • CSCB research celebrated at UCD Conway FestivalIsabela Aparicio at UCD Conway Festival of Research
    The annual UCD Conway Festival of Research on September 20, 2007 featured 130 presentations from postgraduate and post-doctoral researchers as well as keynote lectures from research leaders.
    (Posted: October 3, 2007)


September 2007


  • DNA Double Helix Scientist visits UCDPhoto of Dr James Watson at the Bernal symposium at UCD
    Dr James D. Watson, one of the most influential figures in 20th century science, addressed delegates at UCD during a symposium organised in honour of Irish-born scientist J.D. Bernal.
    (Posted: September 18 2007)


August 2007


  • CSCB reseachers feature in EurJOC Special Issue Image of European Journal of Organic Chemistry Special Issue September 2007
    Research papers by Professor Paul Murphy and Professor Pat Guiry of the CSCB feature in the special decennial issue of the European Journal of Organic Chemistry (EurJOC), to be published next month.
    (Posted: August 17 2007)

  • SFI STARs bring research back to the classroomMiriam Aylward and SFI STAR Peter Scully
    SFI-funded CSCB researchers have welcomed secondary school teachers into their laboratories over the summer under the SFI Secondary Teachers Assistant Researchers (STARs) programme. Teachers also took part in a series of workshops at UCD, DCU, RCSI and TCD.
    (Posted: August 13 2007)


July 2007

  • TCD Chemistry Summer School brings together future scientists from Ireland and UK Linda Sellou, University of Bristol and Finn Mannerings, The Thomas Hardy School
    Students from Dublin secondary schools met up with counterparts from Bristol, UK for a dynamic week of lab investigations, lectures and entertainment, coordinated by Professor David Grayson, TCD School of Chemistry, in conjunction with Bristol ChemLabS, UK.
    (Posted: July 23 2007)

  • Nobel Organic Chemist receives UCD Ulysses MedalProfessor Robert Grubbs at ESOC 2007
    The UCD Ulysses Medal was presented to US Nobel Laureate Professor Robert H. Grubbs at the 15th European Symposium on Organic Chemistry (ESOC) which took place in UCD from July 8-13, 2007. The conference drew over 600 national and international scientists to UCD and showcased the research of world-renowned organic chemists.
    (Posted: July 16 2007)

  • Eminent Carbohydrate Chemist is CSCB Visiting Professor 2007Professor Richard Schmidt
    Professor Richard Schmidt, University of Konstanz, Germany, did a lecture tour taking in UCD, the Royal Irish Academy (RIA), NUI Maynooth and Queen's University Belfast, as part of his CSCB Visiting Professorship
    (Posted: July 9 2007)

  • Fun Day at TCD honours visiting professor Professor Eric Anslyn and Professor Thorri Gunnlaugsson
    Participants at an informal symposium in TCD to mark the visit of Professor Eric Anslyn were treated to lectures covering the development of molecules to be used as optical switches, photochemistry of DNA, recyclable magnetic nanoparticles and even a chemistry-inspired song.
    (Posted: July 2 2007)

June 2007


  • CSCB NEWS - Issue 5 (pdf)CSCB NEWS Issue 5
    This issue highlights recent events at UCD, TCD and RCSI, announcements of appointments and awards and selected CSCB research spotlights including developments in tissue engineering and the synthesis of anti-inflammatory molecules.
    (Posted: June 26 2007)

  • Students get a taste of Science at UCD Students attending UCD NewEra summer school
    Secondary school pupils attending UCD summer schools got a taste of science with interactive presentations and demonstrations, and came up with some of their own ideas on how to conserve energy and save the planet.
    (Posted: June 25 2007)

  • Primary school students discover the world of sciencePhoto of students at UCD Science stand in Croke Park June 6
    Over 700 primary school students experienced a magical science show on May 29, brought to UCD by STEPS to Engineering. UCD Science and the CSCB also hosted an interactive pod at the recent Discovery Primary Science (DPS) awards of science excellence in Croke Park.
    (Posted: June 11 2007)

May 2007


  • "Exposure" UCD Images of Research Competition 2007 Poster for UCD Images of Research Competition 2007
    The UCD Images of Research Competition offers UCD researchers the opportunity to submit compelling digital images created in the course of their research. Images must be submitted by 5pm on June 22nd, 2007.
    (Posted: May 30 2007)

  • CSCB hosts COST Action D40 WorkshopPhoto of Professors Pat Guiry, Serafino Gladiali and Simon Woodward
    The first of five meetings supporting the COST Action D40 in “Innovative Catalysis: New Processes and Selectivities” was organised by Professor Pat Guiry and took place at the CSCB on May 20-22.
    (Posted: May 23 2007)

  • Science@CSCB - Tomorrow's innovators ask the questions Photo of Dylan Sheridan, Adam Lennox and Aaron Gilmore

    Science@CSCB made its first primary school visit on May 1 when Dr Orla Donoghue, Communications Officer at the CSCB spoke to 100 boys from De La Salle Primary School in Ballyfermot.
    (Posted: May 23 2007)

  • RCSI - New PhD Scholars ProgrammePicture of RCSI
    Exciting opportunities are available for science, health science and engineering graduates in the area of Diagnostics and Therapeutics for Human Disease. The RCSI was recently awarded 2 of the 4 Health Research Board (HRB) funded PhD Scholars Programmes, to the value of €5M each.
    (Posted: May 14 2007)

  • Dr Cosima Stubenrauch receives award for outstPhoto of Dr Cosima Stubenrauchanding scientific achievement
    Dr Cosima Stubenrauch of the UCD School of Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering and CSCB recently won the prestigious Nernst-Haber-Bodenstein-Prize 2007 for her work on Interface and Colloid Science.
    (Posted: May 8 2007)

  • RCSI Research Team feature in Nature Chemical Biology journalNature Chemical Biology journal cover
    A collaboration including CSCB researcher Dr Marc Devocelle has published results in the prestigious journal Nature Chemical Biology on peptides capable of modulating human platelet function.
    (Posted: May 2 2007)

  • UCD researchers deliver talks at inaugural Chemical Biology Symposium
    Professors Pat Guiry, Stefan Oscarson and Michael McGlinchey of the CSCB and UCD School of Chemistry and Chemical Biology visited Virginia Commonwealth University to participate in a one-day symposium and to discuss collaborations between the institutions.
    (Posted: May 2 2007)


April 2007


  • TCD hosts 8th Annual Symposium on Supramolecular Chemistry in IrelandX-ray structure of a self-assembled metallo-macrocycle that functions as a luminescent sensor for anions
    Professor Thorri Gunnlaugsson and Dr Paul Kruger organised the symposium which was hosted in the TCD School of Chemistry on Friday 30 March. Topics discussed included designing medical devices that incorporate antibiotics and results from preclinical studies using light therapy.
    (Posted: April 4 2007)

  • UCD research at CERC3 Young Chemists' workshopCERC3 Young Chemists' Workshop 2007
    CSCB researchers Professor Paul Murphy and Dr Xiangming Zhu organised the Modern Carbohydrate and Glycoconjugate Chemistry workshop held in Malahide on March 27-29. 27 scientists including researchers from UCD and NUIM gave oral presentations at the workshop.
    (Posted: April 4 2007)


March 2007


  • Professor Stefan Oscarson appointed UCD Professor of Chemical BiologyPhoto of Professor Stefan Oscarson
    Professor Oscarson's research interests are in the synthesis of biologically active molecules. He is also collaborating with international groups on the development of vaccines against gainst bacteria and fungi with a principle focus on the bacteria N. meningitidis, which causes meningitis.
    (Posted: March 29 2007)

  • Food supplement that could prevent the development of diabetes and atherosclerosis Cows grazing. (Photo courtesy of Teagasc)
    CSCB researcher Dr Paul Evans, Dr Helen Roche from TCD and Dr Aidan Moloney from Teagasc teamed up to study the food supplement conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). This research could pave the way for developing a pure nutraceutical to help protect us against heart disease and diabetes.
    (Posted: March 9 2007)


  • CSCB PhD student John Grealis triumphs at AccesScience JuniorPhoto of AccesScience 2007 presenters with Professor Pat Guiry and Kathriona Devereux
    Over 450 young science enthusiasts attended AccesScience Junior hosted by RTE’s Scope presenter Kathriona Devereux. John Grealis from the UCD School of Chemistry and Chemical Biology was the clear winner for his talk about making an anti-cancer drug.
    (Posted: March 1 2007)


February 2007


  • Science@CSCB - Trading uniforms for lab coatsPhoto of TY students at the CSCB
    6 Transition Year students report on their week at the CSCB and what it was like to work as synthetic chemists, getting to grips with synthesis and extraction techniques as well as thin layer chromatography and high tech NMR.
    (Posted: February 12 2007)

  • CSCB NEWS - Issue 4 (pdf)Figure of front cover of CSCB NEWS Issue 4
    This issue includes research highlights from UCD, TCD and RCSI in areas such as synthesising metal-based anti-cancer agents, finding new leads for breast cancer and developing a technology which aims to capture carbon dioxide from exhaust streams.
    (Posted: February 7 2007)

  • Science@CSCB takes to the road in JanuaryPhoto of students from St Mary's College in Naas who attended a Science@CSCB career talk

    Who wants to be a Scientist? was the question posed to a total of 460 secondary school pupils when the Science@CSCB roadshow visited schools in Dublin, Wicklow and Kildare in January 2007. Students’ minds were opened to some of the scientific breakthroughs dominating recent news stories – from Apple’s latest invention, the revolutionary iPhone, to the green Hummer, a futuristic car which uses algae to convert carbon dioxide to oxygen.
    (Posted: February 1 2007)


    January 2007

  • CSCB researcher Professor Thorri Gunnlaugsson receives RSC awardPhoto of Professor Neil Champness and Professor Thorri Gunnlaugsson
    Professor Thorri Gunnlaugsson from the TCD School of Chemistry was awarded the prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry Bob Hay Lectureship in December 2006.
    (Posted: January 25 2007)

  • Engineered biosynthesis – a path to new and improved antibiotics
    Dr Patrick Caffrey is working on engineering biosynthesis of less toxic analogues of the antifungal antibiotic, amphotericin B. The availability of less toxic analogues may allow for the full potential of amphotericin-based drugs to be realised in other therapeutic areas such as HIV and prion diseases.
    (Posted: January 11 2007)

  • NovaUCD 2007 Campus Company Development PPhoto of NovaUCDrogramme - Seeking Applications
    NovaUCD is currently seeking applications for theNovaUCD 2007 Campus Company Development Programme (CCDP) which ultimately aims to assist academic and research entrepreneurs to commercialise the output of their research and other innovative ideas.
    (Posted: January 11 2007)

  • RCSI hosts the CSCB Advances in Synthesis and ChemiPhoto of speakers at the CSCB symposium held in the RCSI on December 15 2006cal Biology V Symposium
    200 delegates attended the CSCB symposium on December 15 to hear about the latest research in developing a diagnostic immunoassay for multiple sclerosis, designing new anti-HIV agents and genetic studies on the antibiotic Mupirocin.
    (Posted: January 9 2007)



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