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December 2008


  • CSCB Symposium2008 speakers
    The 7th annual Centre for Synthesis and Chemical Biology symposium, ‘Recent Advances in Synthesis and Chemical Biology VII’ was held in the Health Sciences Centre, University College Dublin on Friday 12th December 2008. The meeting was opened by Dr Philip Nolan, Registrar, University College Dublin and the speakers were Professor Frank Schroeder, Cornell University, USA; Dr John Brown, University of Oxford, UK; Professors Bernard Meunier, PALUMED, France; Sabine Flitsch, University of Manchester, UK; John Wood, Colorado State University, USA and Matthew Shair, Harvard University, USA. The scientific programme was organised by Professor Pat Guiry, CSCB.




November 2008


  • Dr Kevin O'Connor wins NovaUCD Start-up awardPhoto: Dr K. O'Connor with award
    Dr Kevin O’Connor, CSCB, UCD School of Biomolecular and Biomedical Science and founder of Bioplastech, was a runner-up in the 13th NovaUCD 2008 Campus Company Development Programme.




September 2008


  • Gymnasium Kreuzgasse visit
    Seven students of Intensive Chemistry from year 12 (16 to 18-year olds), Gymnasium Kreuzgasse, Cologne, Germany and their teacher, Birgit Feldman visited the Centre for Synthesis and Chemical Biology and UCD School of Chemistry and Chemical Biology on Thursday, September 11 as part of their 3-day cultural and educational visit to Dublin.

  • Dublin Chemistry launch
    The Government Chief Scientific Adviser, Professor Patrick Cunningham, launched the Dublin Chemistry Graduate Programme on Thursday, September 11 at Trinity College Dublin.

    • IUPAC Prize (2008) goes to Dr Emilie BanidePhoto: Dr Emilie Banide
      Dr Emilie Banide, a recent PhD graduate from the UCD School of Chemistry and Chemical Biology has been selected by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) as one of its five International Young Chemists of the Year (2008) based on the quality of her PhD thesis, and the resulting publications.


June 2008

  • Visit by Study Association LIFE groupPhoto: Study Association LIFE Group visit to the CSCB 18.06.08
    25 2nd and 3rd year undergraduates and some MSc Life Science and Technology students from the Study Association LIFE group at the Universities of Leiden and Delft in The Netherlands visited the CSCB on June 18 as part of their week-long fact-finding tour of industry and universities in Cambridge and Dublin.


  • Discover Primary Science AwardsPhoto: Discover Primary Science (DPS) Awards
    The science behind memory and electricity was the theme of this year's UCD Science interactive pod at the Discover Primary Science (DPS) awards held at Croke Park on June 4 and 5. Students and teachers from 147 schools attended the event to receive their Awards of Science Excellence.

  • HEA PRTLI Cycle 4 Award
    Funds were released by the HEA to UCD and TCD in January 2008 to commence their part of the National Graduate Enhancement Programme (NGEP) in (Bio)Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences (BPS). This programme extends the collaboration between the consortium of Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) that have worked together since 2005 to establish the €72m National Institute of Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT). UCD and TCD will join DCU, UCC, QUB and the RCSI in this collaborative programme and 13 PhD students will commence their studies across the CSCB and UCD Conway Institute in September 2008.


May 2008

  • UCD Chemistry Spin-out wins NovaUCD 2008 Innovation AwardProfessor Declan Gilheany, Chief Scientific Adviser & co-founder; Brian Elliott, Chairman and Dr Brian Kelly, CEO & co-founder, Celtic Catalysts, winner of the NovaUCD 2008 Innovation Award
    Celtic Catalysts, a UCD chemistry spin-out company has been presented with the NovaUCD 2008 Innovation Award, in recognition of its successful commercialisation of chiral synthesis research which took place in UCD’s School of Chemistry and Chemical Biology.
    (Posted: May 19, 2008)



April 2008


  • Science Speak '08Science Speak 08
    Following on from his success in the the UCD Conway AccesScience 08 competition, Billy Fleming of the CSCB represented UCD at the annual SCIENCE SPEAK competition in the RDS on the evening of April 30.
    (Posted: May 1, 2008)



  • Supramolecular Chemistry for Drug DeliveryImage of a simulated micelle above a landscape of real vesicles
    A review on supramolecular chemistry for drug delivery by Dr Florence Sallas, currently a post-doctoral researcher at the CSCB, and Dr Darcy, researcher emeritus at the CSCB, has been highlighted on the cover of a recent issue of the European Journal of Organic Chemistry.
    (Posted: April 14, 2008)


March 2008

  • Environmentally friendly advances in chemistry capture imagination at AccesScience 08Photo of Mr Pat Kenny and Mr Billy Fleming, winner of AccesScience 08

    Billy Fleming from the CSCB was announced as the winner of the AccesScience ’08 competition, which took place on March 3 in UCD’s O’Reilly Hall. Billy Fleming spoke to the 600-strong audience about ‘The Nature of Chemistry’, explaining how research at the CSCB is identifying ways of generating vital drug therapies in the laboratory rather than relying on the finite and precious resources of nature.
    (Posted: March 5, 2008)


February 2008

  • UCD chemistry graduate takes prize for most outstanding PhD thesisPhoto of Dr Emilie Banide, winner of Prize for young Chemists 2007

    Emilie Banide from the CSCB and UCD School of Chemistry & Chemical Biology was chosen as the winner of the Prize for Young Chemists (2007) awarded by the Royal Irish Academy. The prize was awarded on the basis of a 1000-word essay, and the publications resulting from her thesis.
    (Posted: February 29, 2008)

  • Making an advance in the war against cancer cellsPhoto of Dr Matthias Tacke
    Dr Matthias Tacke and his research team at the CSCB and the UCD School of Chemistry and Chemical Biology have recently published highly significant preclinical results on the anti-tumour activity of Titanocene Y on human breast tumours and in a mouse model.
    (Posted: February 28, 2008)

  • Celtic Catalysts wins "Rising Star Award" Kevin Dalton, Sales Director and Dr Brian Kelly, CEO, Celtic Catalysts
    Celtic Catalysts, a UCD chemistry spin-out company was declared the international winner of the “Rising Star Award” at the BioIndustry Association (Scotland) Thistle Bioscience Forum 2008 which took place earlier this month in Edinburgh.
    (Posted: February 28, 2008)

  • RCSI - PhD Scholars Programme in Diagnostics and Therapeutics for Human Disease Picture of RCSI
    Exciting opportunities are available for science and engineering graduates. This structured PhD programme, funded by HRB, is now recruiting its second intake of Scholars. The deadine for applications is March 7, 2008.
    (Posted: February 21, 2008)

  • Chemical Lego and Superbugs triumph at CSCB AccesScience heatImage by Professor Pat Guiry entitled  Palladium Catalysts - Small Changes In Structure
    "The Nature of Chemistry" and "Biodegradable PHA plastics" won over the judges at the CSCB heat of AccesScience 2008 on February 12. Third year CSCB postgraduates Billy Fleming and Shane Kenny will go on to compete in the grand final of AccesScience 2008 on March 3 in O'Reilly Hall, UCD.
    (Posted: February 14, 2008)

  • Enzolve Technologies to produce newborn screening kits for international marketsNovaUCD
    Professors Paul Engel and Stephen Mayhew of the CSCB and UCD Conway Institute and their research teams, have engineered enzymes for use in neonatal screening kits. Enzolve Technologies, a UCD campus company, has secured investment from Enterprise Ireland to begin production of diagnostic screening kits for newborn infants.
    (Posted: February 7, 2008)


January 2008

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