May 23, 2007
Tomorrow's innovators ask the questions

Science@CSCB made its first primary school visit on May 1 when Dr Orla Donoghue, Communications Officer at the CSCB, spoke to 100 boys from De La Salle Primary School in Ballyfermot on the topic of “Why I Chose Science”.

Photo of Dylan Sheridan, Adam Lennox and Aaron Gilmore
From Left: Dylan Sheridan, Adam Lennox and Aaron Gilmore examining Discodermolide

The pupils have heard a series of talks from scientists as part of a project which aims to nurture their burgeoning fascination with the wonders of the world. The short presentation touched on how science affects our lives in unexpected ways and how being a scientist is a much more exciting career than students often realise.

This eager audience needed little prompting to ask questions with a query from nearly every pupil, ranging from whether the newly-discovered planet has an ozone layer to how quickly skin burns will heal, to describing their own inventions.

Examining molecular models of aspirin and the cancer drug discodermolide, students demonstrated an early interest in organic synthesis, quizzing Dr Donoghue about the effects of connecting the atoms in different ways!

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