April 17, 2007
Life on a Knife Edge: British Biophysical Society Lecture at UCD Conway

Professor Sheena Radford, University of Leeds provided an insight into her current work to Conway staff and students as part of the British Biophysical Society Irish lecture tour entitled Life on a Knife Edge, which took place on March 27th 2007.

Professor Radford’s work in the study of protein folding and misfolding requires an interdisciplinary approach, which was of great interest to the multi-disciplinary researchers based in the Institute.

Professor Sheena Radford and Professor Paul Malthouse at the British Biophysical Society Lecture Tour
Professor Sheena Radford pictured with CSCB researcher Professor Paul Malthouse after the British Biophysical Society lecture in UCD Conway Institute

A particular focus of her research is in amyloidosis, which is caused due an aggregation of misfolded proteins. During her lecture, she explained how biophysical techniques such as nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), mass spectrometry and fluorescence are utilised by her research group at the Astbury Centre for Structural Molecular Biology in the University of Leeds.

Professor Radford is well known to researchers here in the Conway Institute as she collaborates with a number of investigators including Professor Dominic Walsh and CSCB researcher Dr Jens Nielsen.

The British Biophysical Society Irish lecture tour is held annually. Each year, an eminent scientist in this area is nominated to visit Irish third level research institutes to discuss their work. Professor Radford began her tour in University College Cork and will next visit Queen’s University Belfast for the final lecture in the series.



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