November 29, 2006
Who wants to be a scientist? - Science@CSCB taster talks Image used to illustrate Taster talkkick off

On November 28 Dr Claire Twomey from the Centre for Synthesis & Chemical Biology delivered the first in a new series of taster talks on what it is like to study science at UCD.

Over 50 sixth year students from three different schools around Dublin visited the CSCB to hear about the science degrees available at UCD and the career options open to science graduates.

Dr Twomey began the talk with a discussion on the part science plays in the world around us from discovering new anti-cancer treatments to launching rockets and cloning sheep.

For students who knew which subject they would like to study, Dr Twomey outlined some of the new denominated entries including the degree in Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology and showed the students how they can access online information about all the science degrees on the UCD Horizons website.

Most of the students associated being a scientist with working in a lab and were surprised to hear about the diversity of career options open to science graduates including working in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, sales and marketing and even publishing.

If you would like your school to visit the CSCB or if you would like us to visit your school to hear the talk, please send an email to Science@CSCB. Tours of the CSCB can also be arranged during a visit.

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